Obey, conform, be proper, don’t question, agree because you're asked to. Going against the grain will make you end up living a miserable life. Put your life in excelling your grades for good colleges or you’ll harm your family’s societal prestige. There’s no other way of living a good life. Follow the norm or you’ll be doomed.

That’s what we’re taught, right?

Einstein was never liked by his teachers. He would cut classes. He couldn’t get even a single job after graduation. He even thought about switching fields and selling insurance. He was made to believe that he was a loser. At one point in his life, he wrote to his family, questioning his own existence. His father passed away thinking that Einstein was a total disgrace to the family. Throughout his life, he was questioned, his ideas repelled people.

What if this man had chosen to become a salesman? What if he had followed the ‘good way of living’? What if he had left his own conviction?

The world would have missed a genius.

We don't know if we'll ever be known as Einstein is, but we live with the satisfaction that everyday we are giving ourselves a chance.

And, we love it.

So, if you want to create or start something and you have it in you to follow through your conviction, ping@theideazfactory.com

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