Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships!

“Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results,” said James Allen, a British philosopher. It’s the DNA of our company.

Most companies say welcome to the family, and few companies actually back that up. Think of an office day on an average. You start work, have lunch, resume work, pack your bags as the bell goes off and it’s all very mechanical.

At TIF, we believe that a few minutes of unplugging is the best way to work. Often in the office, we would hit a ping-pong ball back and forth. On Fridays, we’d stay back and play Table Tennis. We’d end up playing through midnight. Sounds like good fun in the workplace, no?

So, hosting a table tennis tournament only came naturally. After all, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition and office bragging rights? That, we think, spreads colours of culture in our workplace.