Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!


Hatching The Ideaz Factory was the most concerning phases of Founder, Nitin Narang’s life. Hiding it all from his family, he worked days at his regular MNC job and nights in a rented apartment which would be his alternate office. The company was already 1-year-old before his parents even came to know about it.

Started in 2013, with a small group of like-minded people elevating each others’ work. With a team as small as 7, we realised the need of a full service agency that brought the creativity of a Mumbai like agency in the virgin markets of North India. Our focus throughout was on breakthrough innovation. We were always about ideas and that in fact gave us our name – ‘The Ideaz Factory’.

But the deal was to make our business stand out from the competition communicating our unique capabilities which will be paramount to our clients. We started delivering exceptional campaigns, emerging technologies, grand movie premieres and event execution, because we did not want to be just another marketing company in the crowd. The USP is unmatched customer care and experience.

Within 2 years, we were the most sought after advertising agency in the region. Soon enough, we had varied verticals to work on – designing, art direction, production and media buying. We were working for brands like PVR, Top Bollywood production houses, and other top brands launching their projects in this part of the region.

Political advertising had always been a strong hold for us, with having managed elections for more than 2 CM candidates, 18MPs and 65MLAs, and completely disrupted the Haryana Elections in 2015 with the only agency offering WhatsApp marketing.

When TIF began, the goal wasn’t to just start another company. We wanted to create a universe where ideas were funded not just for money, but because it made a difference in the world. With National intellectual properties like Startup Jalsa, The Laugh Club and many more in the pipeline, we are excited about the future. Are you?