Have you ever wondered about tricks that can enhance your Netflix experience? Many would say, never tried so, but guess what? We have a whole list of tricks and hidden features that can make your Netflix experience a lot more better.


With more and more people abandoning linear, traditional television, the competition between live streaming services has heaten up. It has been found out that more than 100 million people around the world opt for their time to be consumed by Netflix than spent it on work, friends, class or family.

This is because Netflix allows you to watch what you want, when you want, and as often as you want. But Netflix doesn’t always make things easy. Even with Netflix, there lies some difficulties that may irritate you such as choosing a series or movie to watch. Beneath there are some hidden features and third party tools for your experience to get better. With these tricks and simple ad-ons, you’ll get more from your viewing experiencing.

Let’s make you familiar with some of these :


  • Movie without friends? No way!

Watching a movie or series with your friends or family is a lot more fun than watching alone. But what to do when your loved ones are far away. In this case, Showgoers can be very beneficial. Whenever you log into Netflix, Chrome generates an invite code that automatically synchronizes your streams while pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding into account. With Showgoers, you can also organize movie nights with an entire group of friends.

  • A secret shortcut for data savers.

A lot of people do not know that the bandwidth of Netflix videos can be fine-tuned. Its secret lies behind a shortcut that can prove beneficial when you want an uninterrupted stream using less data, especially when you are travelling or when you just want to save your internet from exhaustion.

Here’s your secret : PC / MAC: shift, ctrl, right alt + S

  • Codes for unlocking several hidden Netflix movies

No doubt Netflix allows you to watch movies, series and documentaries of every genre but you might not know that some of them are thrown into several sub-sections and are not easy to find.

Facing difficulties? No need to worry. There are some codes available on the internet, with the help of which you can access several hidden movies. What you have to do is use this URL and insert the code right at the end of this URL.


            For Instance, use the code :

  1. Code 77232 for Asian Action Movies
  2. Code 31694 for Classic Comedies
  3. Code 10944 for Cult Horror Movies
  4. Code 3179 for Biographical dramas and so on.
  • Find out if someone else is secretly watching Netflix along with you.

Have you ever received a message from Netflix saying, “You have been logged into too many devices?” Or has a series or movie popped up in your “Recently Watched” space that you’ve never seen before? Well, then it’s possible that someone else is using your account.

The best way to find it is to select account from the menu and then click on viewing activity. Here you’ll find a complete list of things you’ve ever watched.

Also under Recent account access, you can see which devices last accessed your account. If you see any entries that you don’t recognize, then it’s time to change your password as quickly as possible!

  • Can’t find your favourite movie? No need to worry!

Netflix doesn’t provide you with everything that you want. For example, sometimes, you can’t find the movie or series of your choice. In this case all you need to do is ‘submit a request’. If a want a show or movie to be on Netflix then tell Netflix! Just go to the help centre and submit your request for the movie or series of your choice. Your suggestion will be duly considered and taken seriously.



  • Here are some keyboard shortcuts that will make your Netflix life a lot more easier.

Like other devices, Netflix also has its shortcuts and key combinations that are not generally used by the users due to ignorance. These shortcuts can make the user experience faster. Hence, in order to spare any unnecessary clicking here’s a small list for you :

  • Space Key/Enter Key – Playback/Pause
  • Letter ‘F’ – Fullscreen
  • ESC Key – Exit Fullscreen
  • Shift+Left Arrow – Rewind
  • Shift+Right Arrow – Fast Forward
  • Up Arrow Key – Increase volume
  • Down Arrow Key – Decrease volume
  • Letter ‘M’ – Mute
  • PgUp Key – Playback
  • PgDn Key – Pause

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