The ballot is stronger than the bullet!

Advertising a political party, candidate or public interest issues, is not a task that anyone and everyone can handle. It requires mettle in field research and on-ground activation. TIF being a 360 degree agency, is inline with the current political trend and working with major political parties of the country, using the most innovative things in political campaigning with a social impact.

Political advertising had always been a strong hold for us, with having managed elections for more than 2 CM candidates, 18MPs and 65MLAs, and completely disrupted the Haryana Elections in 2015 with the only agency offering WhatsApp marketing. Besides, we have worked for campaign development and consulting as well as crisis management, grassroots strategy, media buying and placement, fundraising, and public relations.

We do complete election campaigning from below the line marketing i.e. creation and distribution of banners/ flyers to maintaining the online reputation for our clients by creating a mini web, management of the social media accounts from dedicated social media teams for clients.

Conducting comprehensive on-ground surveys and opinion polls to assess the current scenario of the candidate and prepare winning political strategies and campaigns is our expertise. The decisions are taken keeping in mind the issues to talk about, demographics, list of all the volunteers and party workers and their popularity in the area. This helps them in identifying which areas need more focus.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the leaders feel more connected to the voters and the other way round.