Gully Boy

Gully Boy teaser is all you need to see in order to learn how to leave an unforgettable  impact on your audience. The aura of the teaser is such that it leaves the viewers with an ineffective resisting capacity to not watch the trailer again. 

The video begins with beatbox sounds embellished with Ranveer’s rap in the streets of Mumbai. Along with him, Alia, the lead actress is introduced with the same intense look she wore in the poster of the film. Her various shots in the video will remind you of Alia in Udta Punjab where she played the role of a girl in a de-glam and rugged avatar. Kalki, the second lead actress seems to be playing the role of a carefree girl. Also, the chemistry between Alia and Ranveer coupled with their extraordinary acting skills, leaves you wanting to see more of them.

It is the first time when Bollywood has attempted to make an unparalleled teaser such as Gully Boy. Fans, impressed by the intriguing teaser, cannot help raving about it on Twitter. Their ears are still grooving to the song of Gullyboy, ‘Asli Hip-hop’. With movies like these, Ranveer Singh is proving the audience that his  choice of movies is unmatched and he has the capacity to bring the audience to the theatres twice in a row, given that his former movie, Simba has been a massive hit.

Gully Boy’s lyrical teaser ornamented with the song ‘Asli Hip-Hop’ persuaded the fans and even celebs to applaud the actor’s and director’s unprecedented move. Showing variations in all his movies, Ranveer Singh has effortlessly excelled the art of showcasing a new side of him in every movie.


Gully Boy is based on the life of rapper Divine and several other young rappers, who together formed the Gully Gang of artists, born in the chawls of Mumbai. The years he spent growing up on the streets of the City of Dreams and the important role his mother played in his childhood are recurring themes in Divine’s music. In fact, rapper Divine while working with Ranveer on the project shared some inside talk  and said that he couldn’t take credit for the actor’s smooth delivery as the Ranveer did it all on his own.

While it had been clear with the poster that the movie is going to be on the life of a rapper but nobody knew what the teaser had in store for them. With the same clichéd and stereotype teasers coming out in Bollywood, Gully Boy definitely serves the purpose of bringing a new genre to teaser making.

It is evident that north-Indian states like Delhi and Punjab are equipped with bustling rap hip-hop scene. But they make songs about cars, alcohol, girls, drugs and so on. On the contrary, adding a new wave of rap and hip-hop, Divine and his fellow rappers rap about their gully and city which they consider to be genuine and authentic Indian hip-hop. Using raw words in the local dialect, these young rappers have ushered in a strong Indian literature of ‘language rap’. They talk about the government, poverty, corruption, exploitation and family issues i.e topics that are relatable to everyone, be it a teenager sitting behind his laptop screen, a rickshaw puller or a vendor at the corner of a street.

The release of recent movies like Neerja, Airlift, Masaan etc. have paved the way for Bollywood to upgrade to realistic, practical drama that people can connect to. Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar is scheduled to hit the theaters on February 14 and the audience can’t wait to see how Ranveer Singh kills it. It is also said that the film will have its world premiere at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. It is estimated that Gully Boy is going to change the entire scenario of Hip-Hop in India and bring about revolution in Indian Cinema. With such positive responses, director Zoya Akhtar certainly has high standards and expectations to meet, which we hope will definitely come true!

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Megha Harsh serves as a content writer at The Ideaz Factory. She has been a student of English Journalism at the Indian Institute of mass communication. A writer by day and reader by night, she is loathe to discuss herself in third person. In addition to writing blogs, she also has interest in writing poems.