KFC India becomes Alexa oriented

Working for long hours? Tired to even lift up a finger? Daydreaming about the comfort you experienced at home where you just had to scream you’re hungry and finger-licking, delicious food would be brought right in front of your eyes?

Well if you are awestruck by these imaginations, then here’s a good news for you! With voice assistance being the present and future of technology, more and more brands are inclining towards this technology to become the face of future in order to promote themselves. KFC India, a leading fast food brand specialising in fried chicken, has integrated with Alexa, enabling users to have a hands-free experience! Thanks to this amazing association of food and technology, KFC has become the first QSR brand in the country to become Alexa oriented for online ordering.


Voice recognition applications is becoming a game changer today with brands rapidly becoming friendly with this technology. Thus, KFC’s partnership with Alexa will make the process of ordering and receiving food easy and quick. With the help of Alexa, consumers will be able to place hands-free cash on delivery order within the KFC delivery radius.


Is voice recognition, the future of India?

There’s no doubt that a huge percentage of the Indian population is rapidly becoming technology-oriented and advance in terms of literacy and usage. But despite this fact, a large part of the population is illiterate and a recent report on the quality of education shows that the results are quite dark. Hence, in this scenario, most of the people will feel comfortable in speaking ; a great opportunity that the voice assistance technology is providing the brands. With such advancements, it seems that voice assistance technology will bring a revolution in rural areas and will allow the brands to touch their lives.

KFC may be the first brand to integrate this technology but it is not going to be the last. Earlier you had to personally visit or call up the restaurant owner to order or pack food for your home but today, almost all restaurants are available on Swiggy and Zomato for online ordering and later they may be available on Alexa!

Clearly, this is the future and brands should make use of this technology in a creative and innovative way so that it can help even those living in the rural areas. And, as users get acquainted to engaging with Alexa, they will find new ways to embrace voice technology in their daily lives.

Here are some of the fields where Indian brands are leaving their mark digitally.


Gaana, an Indian music streaming service, is making the use of Amazon Alexa skill allowing users to say, “Alexa play some soulful music” to get the music started.


PVR similarly has collaborated with Alexa for ticket bookings and it even allows the customers to have a conversation with ‘Buaa’, a lovable character in the movie ‘Zero’.


Chota Bheem Adventures integrated with Alexa allows children to get indulged in game adventures in which their favourite hero explores the caves of Dholakpur to bring back his friend, Kalia.

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