While the process of digital music downloads are on the decline, music streaming services are escalating in popularity. This is because streaming services allows you to pay a small fee each month and get access to huge music libraries to listen to whenever you wish to.

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services in the world after immense wait and controversies has been finally launched in India. The launch comes after months of speculation about its possible entry in India.

While earlier, the app was not available for download in India and users had to stream it using VPN services, now it is possible to download the same on iOS and Android devices.

As per the site, after a month of free trial, users will be able to get Spotify Premium starting at Rs 119 per month. There is also a Rs 13 per day option with no commitment to a long term subscription. Along with this, Spotify has also made it possible to have a free option with personalised playlists and recommendations, access to the full catalogue across all devices, ability to create and share playlists as well as the option for background play.


Premium users on the other hand will have access to offline as well as ad-free music, streaming in high quality at 320 kbps. Once the users have completed the free 30 days Premium trial, they are requested to pay using credit, debit card or e-wallet.

So, what are the ways in which Spotify will impact India, its music and artists?

It is evident that Spotify comes in the list of one of the most popular music streaming services and bringing it to India is a great step. This is because India is equipped with incredibly rich music culture and making Indian music and culture acknowledged by foreign audience will not only make them known to the world but will also bring the world’s music to fans across India.

Also, Spotify India has a good mixture of Bollywood as well as regional songs, equipped with languages like Malayalam. In January, Spotify has indicated that there will be an addition of an expanded catalog from T-Series with over 1,60,000 songs in Hindi and regional languages. Despite all these advantages, Spotify’s challenge will be to offer something unique in comparison to the existing online music streaming services like Saavn, Gaana, Amazon music and so on to lead the Indian music streaming market.


Globally, Spotify has 207 million active users in 79 markets of which 96 million are paid. The company claims around 30,000 new tracks added each day, adding up to over 3 billion playlist options.

The question is, whether the existing music streaming services will go on unhampered or will be shattered with Spotify’s arrival?

Here are some of the fields in which Spotify will serve beneficial:

  • Spotify compared to other music streaming services is more popular and listened to, among youth. Moreover, the worth of a singer is largely influenced by the number of times a song is listened to on Spotify by the users.
  • Introducing Spotify in India will not only help Indian artists represent their music on a global scale but will also bring the music around the world into India.
  • Spotify supports Hindi as well as regional languages which makes it easier for the local artists to make their songs known on a grand spread.


Other music streaming platforms like Gaana,Wynk, Saavn and so on, are free and offer national as well as international songs but are incapable of recognition on a global scale but due to their strong hold on online music streaming in India, it will be interesting to see who emerges as the winner!

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