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Out of Home Marketing

Making OOH exciting again!

Out of Home Marketing

Whether you want to create a buzz or reach a mass audience at once, Out of Home Marketing is what you need. Though the list is quite long with various options from hoardings to bus queue shelters; cabs to buses; airports to railway station; the list goes on. But the soul of this marketing lies in the message you want to communicate to the audience and so our designers and copywriters will come up with ideas to make you feel that we are indeed an Ideaz Factory. Wall Paintings and Graffiti, the oldest fad in advertising rejuvenated with new creative ideas, can also be used to turn a wall outside or inside office into a piece of art to brag about your style to the audience.

On Screen Cinemas

So, what if you don’t have the budgets to advertise on television, On Screen Cinemas advertising is just for you. The biggest advantage of this advertising is that it gets audience’s undivided attention. Besides you will get the premium look and feel of the big screen environment.